Our Company

Saul Mercado was born and raised in Mexico City and graduated as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and Animal Science at the National University of Mexico. He went on to receive further training on Dairy Cattle Husbandry in the Netherlands. Saul worked for the Secretary of Agriculture in Mexico, holding several positions and as Executive Secretary of the National Milk Commission. He came to Texas in 1987, invited by the Texas Department of Agriculture, to lead their Latin American Affairs office and to coordinate the Mexico-Texas Exchange Commission. After six years with the department, he moved over to the private sector.


Our Team

Saul's wife, Nicky Mercado, joined the company adding her expertise in the Spanish language to offer translation, interpretation and editing services. She is considered an expert in Spanish language by the University of Texas, where she was part of the team who developed an evaluation system for candidates to be Spanish language teachers.

Nicky has a degree in Psychology from the National University of Mexico and studies in Portuguese. She dedicates a lot of time to volunteer activities, serving in different organizations such as Ladies of Charity of the United States. Her involvement in these organizations over the years has given her the opportunity to apply her leadership and organizational skills.


Ernesto Villalobos and Ramiro Guzman Jr. are also part of the IMC team bringing experience and expertise in other fields such as business development and traceability systems.

Ernesto Villalobos has over twenty-five years experience working with U. S. businesses and manufacturers. He has managed and assisted American companies participating in international trade shows and conventions. Ernesto is knowledgeable in business development and investment promotion.


Ramiro Guzman Jr. has strong capabilities and expertise in software programs and traceability systems in livestock, agriculture and food products.


Evelyne Alcala is a lawyer from the Anahuac University in Mexico City who worked as a Trade Commissioner at the Canadian Embassy in Mexico for almost 10 years , providing support to Canadian companies exporting products to the Mexican market. She has also worked at Export Development Canada as a contract consultant (EDC), providing support to the regional representation offices in expanding business in Latin America.Ms. Alcala's professional experience includes assessing market potential, managing local business culture issues, dealing with export regulations, ensuring quotas and safeguards, providing key contacts, and assisting Canadian companies in choosing a market strategy. During her career Ms. Alcala has dealt with a variety of sectors including health, plastics, chemicals, construction, advanced manufacturing technologies, and others. Ms. Alcala's second language is French and in the past years, she has been assisting several non-profit organizations with diverse English/French and French/English business and legal translations.

The incorporation of Evelyne strengthens IMC international trade capabilities and allows us to offer French/English and Spanish/French translation service. Welcome to the team Evelyne!!!