Spanish and French Translation/Editing

IMC offers:

Spanish and French editing/translation of books, manuals and documents.

In October 2016, Nicky got a contract with Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), organization based in Boston Massachusetts, to edit and translate into Spanish some of their documents and articles. Among other interesting topics are:

IMC was contracted to translate the UNECE Guide for Seed Potato Diseases, Pests and Defects. UNECE is the Economic Commission of the United Nations for Europe.

Saul Mercado was assigned to translate official bi-lateral (USA- Cuba) Phytosanitary documents:

Nicky Mercado was assigned to this job. The completed document was distributed to participants of the World Potato and ALAP (Latin American Potato Association) Congress in Cusco, Peru on May 27-31, 2018.

Saul also acted as the interpreter in the Fact Finding Mission to Cuba with Potatoes USA in March 2017.

Nicky Mercado completed the translation and editing of the Spanish version of the book “Freedom from Body Memory, Awaken the Courage to Let Go of the Past” by Jonathan Tripodi.

Nicky’s work will allow Jonathan Tripodi to reach a wide range of audiences in the Spanish speaking world, both in the United States and abroad.
We look forward to assist Jonathan in this endeavor.